Releasing the Fear of Authority – Original Drawing – 8×10″

Releasing the Fear of Authority – Original Drawing – 8×10″


Releasing the Fear of Authority – Mixed Media Energy Healing Artwork

The Fear Release Collection is a body of work that is bringing awareness to great fears we hold in our body, mind, soul and spirit. Some of these are general and others are quite deep fears that we carry from our ancestral line and other lifetimes.

The encoded intention is to release the encoding of the “fear of authority” that is ready to be released from your field, body, mind, soul, spirit. This would be good to work with if you had over domineering parents, teachers, or others in your life that imposed their will over your own. Through your intention, use this piece of artwork as a tool to release any energies on this topic that longer serving you and your ancestral line. If there is a specific mental loop that arises–work with this piece daily to receive the subtle downloads and releases in your body. If you have a friend, parent or grandparent that carries this heavy, you may work with it in yourself and ask that they receive it if it is for their highest good and Higher Self allows. All clearing we do for ourselves can be gifted to the Collective–set the intention that the work you do will be shared.

Place this artwork at your altar space, a place where family gathers, or a space where you will see and receive the intention when needed. You may simply breathe it in or use this art as a meditation symbol and go deeper with it consciously.

Artwork Details:

8×10″ Mixed Media on Paper.
Media used is black and blue ink, pastel, charcoal, and golf leaf.
Hand Torn With Deckled Edges.

All Artwork is Signed & Dated on the Back.
Ships flat and will arrive in 3-7 business days.

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