The Creative Behind the Art

Investigating the Healing of Self & Reverberating Out Through Layers of Color.

I have been drawing since childhood – one of my earliest memories include my nearly 3 year-old-self with crayons and paper in front of me. I can still see the table and papers spanning the surface of the darkly lit living room area. In this photo, you can see some of my ‘earliest abstracts’ on the wall behind me from this time period. 😁

As a child, my art practice was fun and came naturally. As I grew older, it became a way to escape. As I grew wiser, it became a source of great healing and a way to assist others.

The childhood I shared with my three siblings was not the easiest, hence my artwork becoming a healing practice and a way to process old wounds I had picked up over the years.

As I began to heal myself through modalities of energy healing, and learn the power of the mind and the healing capabilities our energy field contains, my artwork became a practice with a much different voice.

The art became lighter and the intention to heal and bring light upon the viewer infuses itself into the practice. Each piece became an intentional mirror to reflect the healing you need, in the exact moment you need it. The art’s language is visceral and understood on a soul level– something you feel and know–no words are necessary to explain it.

My art practice is intuitive and explores my new awareness and desire to share healing through color and motion expression. This journey has allowed me to clear space within, and express outwardly as a clear vessel.

My intention as I continue to practice and create – is to become a clear vessel and assist in healing others through energetic intention in the art. I hope you find a piece that resonates with your heart and healing journey.

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Jessica Donnelly creates original abstract artwork to uplift and assist your inner healing journey.

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