E x p a n d + E l e v a t e

This collection is an extension of my daily practice, contemplation and releasing of the older versions of the self, through observation of the mind and taking action to bring awareness into the body.

I invite you to “expand + elevate” with me.

Each of the works explore a topic around expanding and elevating the self by releasing old patterns. This can be thought patterns, daily habits, societal programming, ancestral patterns and learned belief systems and constructs to name a few.

The pieces are symbolic of the momentum that is created within and the movement out through the act of letting go.

Expand + Elevate 🦋 Coming June 5th at 3PM EST.

“Life is a concept, like the “universe”, that expands as soon as we reach what we think is its edge.”
― Kamand Kojouri

Thank you from my heart for being here and taking the time to view the new collection of artwork. I am looking forward to sharing these new pieces with you June 5th, 2021.