Temperance – Divine Feminine Mini’s Series | 3×3″ Original Painting

Temperance – Divine Feminine Mini’s Series | 3×3″ Original Painting


Divine Feminine Mini’s Series – Temperance

This acrylic painting is part of a series of mini paintings that came through while exploring this topic on a personal level. The feminine energy is creative, nurturing, inspiring, soft, and powerful. No matter the gender, we all carry feminine and masculine energy that can assist us and lead in different aspects of our lives. We are on a journey of finding balance between the two, to create a unified third.

I heard the word “Temperance” as I asked for the name of this painting. This is a word I have heard in tarot, but did not know the definition. After reading on the topic and card, I knew the name was chosen as a means of bringing in alchemy, balance and harmony to situations in your life (you will know where this fits). I feel it is a way of balancing the extreme feminine polarity (overextending, highly emotional, stuck in the head, extreme decision making, as examples).

This painting will add more feminine energy to your home or space and assist in harmonizing the feminine energy if this is a topic you are moving through at this time.

Measurements: 3 x 3 inches
Materials: Acrylic on canvas.
Created: 2021

*Comes with blonde wood easel

Please contact me if you are out of the states and wish to purchase.

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