Independence – Original Drawing – 8×10″

Independence – Original Drawing – 8×10″


Independence – Mixed Media Soul Healing Artwork

This artwork is an exploration of imagery on the topic of love—a lot comes through when I am creating.

My own limiting beliefs, fears, worries, hopes, dreams, ideas as I interpret through my own filters.

This drawing (paired with Perfect Union, the last picture in the images)  from a personal interpretation, feel like two independent pieces to co-create a harmonious field. They become a perfect balance of one another, which is what I have uncovered and learned about all relationships—it has to be balanced. Releasing all co-dependence, self sacrifice, etc, to become a stronger self. We learn this growing up, or if you believe in quantum, bring in these energies from past and parallel lives too.

Place this artwork at your altar space, a place where family gathers, or a space where you will see and receive the intention when needed. You may simply breathe it in or use this art as a meditation symbol and go deeper with it consciously.

Artwork Details:

8×10″ Mixed Media on Paper.
Media used is black ink, white pastel and golf leaf.
Hand Torn With Deckled Edges.

All Artwork is Signed & Dated on the Back.
Ships flat and will arrive in 3-7 business days.

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