Balancing Reactions – Slowing Down

Balancing Reactions – Slowing Down


Balance & harmony Collection – Balancing Reactions – Slowing Down

The encoded intention is to assist and heal energetically on all levels, multidimensionally, on these topics. Use this piece of artwork as a tool to balance and harmonize your energy around reactions, so that you may become more aware and slow down the response. If you find this theme coming up for you to heal, and the awareness has heightened at this time, it may be something that is ready to be let go of and move you into a new level of being.

The artwork will work with your intentions too, so if there is a specific relationship or situation that needs healing, set the intention to receive the energetic frequency to heal and harmonize that topic.

Place this artwork at your altar space, a place where family gathers, or a space where you will see and receive the intention when needed.

Artwork Details:

4×6″ Mixed Media on Arches 140LB Paper.
Media used is black india ink, gold leaf, and pencil.
Hand Torn With Deckled Edges.

All Artwork is Signed & Dated on the Back.
Ships flat and will arrive in 3-7 business days.

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